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Litigation Funding

If you need legal funding, we can match you with the right litigation funding companies best suited for your case.

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Lower Market Funding

What We Do

The third party litigation funding market is rapidly changing in the US.  While most of the financing happens with tens of millions or hundred million dollar plus cases, there’s a lack of funding for sub $3 million deals.  And most funders are slow to act.  That’s where Litfunder comes in.  We act as both a match maker and a funder for the lower end of the market.  

Litigation Funding

We help fund small cases

While everyone else chases the big deals, our nimble approach quickly funds cases ranging from $500,000 to $5,000,000.

Commercial Litigation

Antitrust, Breach of Contract, Fraud, Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement, Partnership Disputes, Trade Secrets, and more

Mass Tort

Mass tort litigation funding is often needed to properly work cases to a proper settlement. Take on more cases with confidence.

Personal Injury

Personal injury litigation finance can help you pursue more accident and malpractice cases..

Civil Rights

Many civil rights cases cannot be properly worked without adequate civil rights litigation funding.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Litigation funding can be complex, costly, and time consuming.  We’ll simplify and expedite the process so that you can focus on the tasks at hand.


learning about your cases and funding needs

We help qualify your cases and understand your current financial position.


Pair you up with the right Funders

We’ll fund your case or match you with the right litigation funding company.


Support you when
You Need it

We provide the appropriate support before, during, and after funding close.

Get the litigation funding You need

Our nimble team provides capital for the smaller cases often passed up by the big litigation funders

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Small cases Now have Access To Funding

we fund cases that the big funders pass up

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