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Four years ago, two friends discussed opportunities with alternative private investments.  They started focusing on real estate, private equity, and venture capital.  But they were drawn to litigation funding due to it’s upside, risk profile, time horizon and non correlation with the public markets.  After lots of research, they found a gap in the litigation funding market: Sub $3 million deals.  And that’s where we’re focused.



Past private investment experience frames our litigation funding decisions



Past entrepreneurship experience aligns us with law firm partners



Deep connections with industry experts creates peace of mind

"The biggest risk of all is not taking one."

— Mellody Hobson

Getting started


We started Litfunder to provide litigation funding to those that need it most: small deals with big impact.

As former entrepreneurs and current angel investors, we understand small businesses.  This lends itself well to small law firms and smaller litigation cases.  

We act quickly to evaluate and fund cases because we know the importance of speed.  We believe our VC mindset is needed in Litigation Funding. And we hope you do too.

communication is key

Professional service

Getting Access to Funding

At Litfunder, we specialize in expediting small deals without compromising on quality service. Leveraging advanced technology and structured communication, we swiftly cultivate strong relationships.

Our process begins with an initial conversation, during which we arrive prepared with extensive preliminary research, enabling us to dive straight into the matter at hand.

Listening attentively to your unique needs, we explore opportunities to offer our assistance. Subsequently, we embark on a thorough and comprehensive diligence process, leaving no stone unturned.

For the deals that successfully advance to the final round, we believe in transparency. We will openly share any concerns we may have, providing you with the opportunity to address them.

Drawing upon our meticulous evaluation, we will deliver well-informed funding recommendations, guiding you towards the most suitable path for your success.

get to know each other

During our first call, we'll spend time getting to know your firm.

understanding your case

We'll dive into your cases and conduct a light evaluation on the spot.

determining your needs

After a deeper diligence period, we'll determine your needs and recommend funding options.
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We help you get litigation funding

Our primary goal is to assist you in obtaining the financial resources necessary to work your case with confidence and without the burden of upfront costs.

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Questions And Answers

We intend to fund roughly 30% of the litigation deals we evaluate.

Yes, whether we fund your case or match you with another litigation funding company, our goal is to get you funding.

Speed, transparency, and answers.  We’ll start with an initial consultation.  From there, we will conduct due diligence.  After that, we make our recommendations.

Yes.  Email us at info@litfunder.com

Yes.  Email us at info@litfunder.com and let us know that you’re interested in investing in litigation finance.

Our initial consultation is free.  We make money by funding your case or referring you to another litigation funding company.